Baby Bathwater Island Recap

Baby Bathwater Island Recap

If you follow me on Instagram (which you don’t, because you have better things to do), you might know that I was in Croatia earlier this month.

More specifically, I was on a private island named Obonjan for an event called Baby Bathwater Island.

The best way I can describe this event is “Boozy Entrepreneur Sleepaway Camp”.

It was exactly as awesome as it sounds.

literally MADE for instagramming

The whole place was infinitely ‘grammable.

My fellow attendees? A group of 150 people whose personal and professional accomplishments make me want to crawl into a dark hole and binge Lucky Charms until I puke.

You name it, they were there: hugely successful ecommerce store owners, agency founders, inventors, philosophers, influencers… all the cool titles you get to choose from if you hang out on the Internet these days.

INCREDIBLY, not only did I get to hang out with these goshdang luminaries, I also got to deliver my all-time favorite talk: How to Be Funny (Even If You’re Not): Comedy-Inspired Copywriting Tips.

How to Be Funny: Improv Inspired Copywriting Tips

(Did I eat shit on the gravel pathway down to my talk 3 minutes before delivering it, you ask?

Yes, yes I did. It was less “slapstick” and more “Fuuuuuuuhhhhhh I’m glad no one saw that. Oh look, I’m bleeding”)


Spending 5 days at Baby Bathwater, listening to talks on things like “hedonic engineering” (by Jamie Wheal), microdosing (by Jack Allocca), crowdfunding (by Roy Morejon), and hanging out with some of the most incredible people I’ve ever met gave me a new perspective on work… and life.

I wish there were a non-cheesy way to say that, but there isn’t.

And that’s coming from me, a noted skeptic who figured hey, this event might well be a huge waste of cash.

I left inspired to work harder, give myself permission to be awesome, and focus on doing more of what I love.

So how did the magic happen?

Well, the setting (a breathtaking private island in the middle of the Adriatic Sea) didn’t hurt.

NBD just fuckin paradise u kno

   Oh fucking stop it already, sailboat.

And neither did the included wine and cocktails (which, as a native New Orleanian, really made me feel at home. Also drunk.)

But honestly, because BBW is a “no-pitch” zone, the pressure was off — and that’s where I shine.

Ask me to give you the hard sell on what I do, and I can… but it’s not my favorite conversation to have.

HOWEVER. Sit me next to someone I admire, and let me make food puns and nerd out about the psychology and marketing applications of humor… and I will be there ALL. NIGHT.

Here’s what I took away:

I’m raising my rates. Starting with my day rate, which will be going up by 1K for new clients starting September 1. (Want to snag me at my current rate? Book your day now.)

I want to be around these people more. People who don’t cut themselves off from a new idea because it seems hard or even impossible. People who say “Hey, cool, let’s do that thing,” and then DO IT.

I’m finally making a course. One thing I heard over and over (especially from folks who were too hungover to come to my 10am talk, or who rightly wanted to see my new pal Tom Breeze’s excellent YouTube ads talk at the same time) was: “Do you have a course? I’d buy it!”

Up until this year, I’ve felt that it wasn’t time for me to build a course yet — that there was more for me to learn, and hone, and who was I to be teaching a course anyway?

And yeah, there’s still more for me to learn… but there’s also a LOT that I want to share.

There are people who I can’t work with one-on-one, whether it’s because of money or time constraints or the fact that they’ve been dead for 80 years (shoutout to my dawg, Claude Hopkins).

A course is the best way to share what I love, what I’m just so deeply into and excited about — humor in marketing — with more people who are interested.

So keep your eyes peeled, because it’s coming.

And if I have my way (which I will, cause like, it’s my course)… it’s gonna be fun as hell, y’all.

Sign up to hear when I launch the course:

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