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It'll teach you why, where, and how to infuse your marketing with humor — from copy to visuals.

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What does the course include?

Smart question, buddy. Here's the lowdown...

This is an online course, presented LIVE over the course of 6-8 weeks.

You'll see my weird face, a lot of cool slides, and you'll also get fun homework to help you digest the material.

In our weekly Zoom classes, you'll...

- Learn about the history of humor in marketing — so you can quickly emulate the best and steer clear of the worst

- Identify and codify your own (or your brand's) sense of humor — so your brand becomes not just recognizable, but likable

- Understand and harness humor's cognitive, social, and emotional impacts —

so you can control your customers like marionettes, except in a fun, less creepy way

- Discover improv and standup comedy fundamentals — so you can charm + disarm everywhere you go

- Grasp and practice linguistic tricks, visual jokes, and structural formulas — so you strike the right balance of comedy to conversion no matter what you're building

Businesses behind some of the cool events where I’ve taught these concepts:


Funny works. Here's proof:

"I just got the chance to check everything out and it's all fantastic! (I lol'ed at "*chef's kiss*" )

We have already seen a noticeable improvement in our conversion rate and this all should help even more.You rock. Thanks again."

- Braxton Manley, Co-Founder, Braxley Bands

"So we reviewed the referral and confirmation copy and it looks like you nailed it again. Very impressed."

- Shelby Perkins, Co-Founder, Polymath X

"Thank you so much. Your work kicks **s and you’re a pleasure to work with. Now is when you ask for referrals and we gladly recommend you. Business needs more human. You bring human. Thanks for giving SSS more voice!"

- Andy Humphrey, Founder, Sprinkler Supply Store

There's a lot more where this came from, but I'm tired of copying and pasting. Oh, and here's a case study where my funny copy literally doubled sales on one product.

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