Fashion Friday #fashionfriday

In honor of the spider infestation in my apartment, here are some bug-related accessories that will not lay eggs in your ankles.

(Please send help.)

The perfect way to say, “You make my skin crawl.”

This necktie by seller Cyberoptix is pretty fly. And by that I mean: If you love someone, why would you give them a tie covered in bugs? Or maybe you’re both entomologists and you’re made for each other. I’m not judging.

The scientists from Jurassic Park have been looking for this.

Ladies who lunch will love this darling cicada clip by seller DanaCastle, which is a sparkly take on a creature many of us see flying around in our nightmares. Sure to start a conversation when someone shrieks and tries to slap it off your head!

Heavy is the head that wears the OH MY GOD IS THAT A SCORPION

If you’re attending a fancier event–say a patrons’ gala at the local insectarium–you might opt for this headband, I mean tiara, by seller ourlavenderlady. In her words: “disturbingly beautiful”. In mine: straight-up disturbing.

Buzz buzz.

A little less in-your-face/on-your-head, this Samsung Galaxy 3 phone case from seller VectorDecor might be more my taste. I like bugs in the abstract, cartoon sense. Not the “I’m in your bed, chewing on your limbs and depositing my unborn children in the bite holes” sense.

Have you ever had to deal with a bug problem? What did you do about it (and are you free tonight for some moral support)?

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