FASHION FRIDAY: Ch-ch-changes

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Welcome to the first Fashion Friday outside of Fan Quarterly! Like a baby butterfly, I’m spreading my wings and looking for better analogies.

In case you’re new here, I’ve been writing this thing called Fashion Friday for FanQuarterly.com for just over a year now. Fan Quarterly is soon to be no more–so I’m taking matters into my own hands. And the gloves are coming off.

Today’s items are inspired by life’s changes: specifically, moving house, marriage, menopause, and…actual coin change.

It’s called a “Samoosa,” probably because it looks edible.

Because I enjoy being hyperliteral, let’s kick things off with this change pouch by seller maykobags. In case you’re blind, it’s a triangle, which certainly sets it apart from conventional rectangular bags. Don’t just limit yourself to coin change, though! Imagine all the other things you could put in this little stash cache (which also comes in orange leather and black rubber): toothpicks, breath mints, nail clippings.


Next up is this necklace by seller walkonthemoon, made from an ancient artifact of public transit: the subway token. Gather round, children, and let me tell you of a time before MetroCard. Requisite glass jewel heart drives home the fact that you are in love with being nostalgic for things you never used.

I pause, you pause, we all pause for menopause!

You probably thought I was joking when I said “menopause” up above. I wasn’t. Type “menopause” into Etsy’s search and you get all sorts of herbal teas, elixirs, a weird “menopausal” nightgown (which appears to be no different than regular nightgowns. Maybe it’s made of rage?) and this impressive necklace by seller chichigemmes. It’s made of chunks of pink opal, apparently useful in aiding menopausal symptoms. Give it a try; chances are it’s more subtle than hot flashes.

Hide your face with lace!

Finally, marriage is a big change for most people. Something about that “till death” part is intimidating; I can’t imagine why. Ease your transition into being one-half of a yawn-inducing married couple with seller FleursdeParis lacy fascinator, perfect for a classy bride. Honestly, I’d get married for this hat.

Questions? Comments? Blinded by the new format? Think I should stop writing forever? Holla: lianna@theenglishmaven.com.

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