FASHION FRIDAY: Halloween Dress-Up

Fashion Friday #fashionfriday

Can you say “best day of the year”?

Probably, unless you’re chewing on marbles. Stop doing that and read this post.

HALLOWEEN is upon us again, and there’s no better time to browse Etsy for wacky shit and then use the 31st of October as an excuse to dress like a lunatic.

Why, hello there…wait a minute.

Start from the ground up with these burlesque-style tights from seller Carouselink, which look like they have garters, but SURPRISE, they don’t. But they are superfly, so I forgive them for lying.

Kid-tested, post-Halloween walk of shame-approved.

Accessorize with a kid’s mask for grown-ups, like these from seller oppositeoffar, which are by far (see what I did there?) the best adult masks I’ve seen on Etsy. Unfortunately, the seller seems to be on vacation. Oh well. Maybe next year.

How I wish these were permanent.

Since you can’t get those masks at the moment, go for a temporary eye makeup tattoo instead. This low-key circus-clown-meets-Nascar-flag set from seller cclstore should do nicely.

Get kicked out of parties!

And if you really feel like going all out, you could shell out almost two whole Benjamins for this totally terrifying spider cloak thing made by seller madj2004. It’s long, and huge, and also terrifying (did I mention that?). But hey, it’s black satin, so it’s super lightweight. Like spiderwebs. And fear.

Happy Halloween! Send me pictures of your costume so I can make fun of that too!

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