FASHION FRIDAY: Meet Me in the Boardroom

Fashion Friday #fashionfriday

Today’s boardroom is tomorrow’s cheap Craigslist futon.

That’s right, dear readers: I occasionally conduct business from the couch. I don’t do it often, because my couch is terrible at making both conversation and coffee–but there are times when it just doesn’t matter whether I blog privately in my pajamas or publicly in pants.

When I do take meetings, which I have been doing a lot more of lately (maybe I should get a haircut?), I dress in an understated palette–usually gray or black, with a fun pop of color here or there. Behold: Etsy picks for being me on a well-dressed day.

Gray Cufflinks
Take tiny pieces of your couch to work!

Nice accessories can amp up an outfit from everyday to business-formal. Men: get your paws on a shiny pair of cufflinks, like these understated gray ones from seller TheFoxAndFig. If you’re not wearing cufflinks to business meetings, what are you doing with your life?

Red Peplum Skirt
Fun, flirty, and intimidating as fuck.

Feel like making a serious statement and/or blinding the person you’re meeting with? Try this skirt from seller Jersa on for sale. It’s got a flirty peplum, but its real appeal is that it was dip-dyed at the Red Wedding.

Teardrop Earrings
“I’m not crying…it’s just been raining on my face” – Flight of the Conchords

Just like you don’t pair dramatic eye makeup with bright red lipstick, for the love of God, don’t pair a flashy outfit with gaudy jewelry. Go for something simple and silver. Case in point: these teardrop earrings from seller SilverLinesJewelry. They’re so small, your ears might eat them.

Felt Necklace
Collect them all and become a Muppet!

On the flip side, if you’d rather go for a giant necklace, grab one like this from seller StefCollections. But please don’t grab this exact one, ’cause I’m pretty sure I’m asking for it for Christmas. Thanks in advance, Mom Santa.

I’m not really a pathological shut-in–I promise. That said, anyone free for drinks tonight? Anyone? Bueller?

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