FASHION FRIDAY: New Year, New Style

Fashion Friday #fashionfriday

Once upon a time, my New Year’s resolution was to dress like less of a slob. This was during college, when jeans and a sweatshirt were my uniform (paired, naturally, with my waist-length mermaid hair, so people could tell I was a girl).

That year, I paid more attention to what I was wearing. I was trying to reinvent myself, to look in the mirror and appreciate my own appearance. I wore skirts and scarves, added jewelry, and tried out heels when I knew I didn’t have to walk far. Essentially, I gave myself permission to be pretty.

And it paid off–I got a lot of compliments, but more importantly, I felt good about myself. I didn’t need a whole new wardrobe. I just needed a little imagination, some time before bed to pick out an outfit, and the confidence to wear it.

Why not give the same thing a try this month? Here are a few Etsy picks for self-reinvention.

Aztec Leggings
These leggings will totally floor you.

January can be chilly, so stock up on fun, colorful leggings and tights, like these from seller Gogreenstyle. Even if the rest of you is covered in the most boring color possible (puce, anyone?), these leggings will make your legs stand out like Dwayne Wade at a Little People of America convention.

Cobalt Flats
Feet for miles.

Try to bust out your high heels a little more, if you can–there’s nothing like heels for making you feel put-together (and, incidentally, for making your feet bleed). Should you require a flat footwear alternative, check out these cute slip-ons from seller lolliette, whose toes must be even longer than mine because would you look at that toe box?

Mint Scarf
One color for each of your personalities.

Scarves can do wonders to spice up an outfit. This tri-colored confection from seller dailyaccessoriez would go well with the flats above! Just don’t pair it with the leggings at the top of this post, or you might unintentionally blind everyone.

Color-block Dress
What’s in the top right corner??

If you don’t feel like putting together a matching outfit (it helps if all of your clothes are either navy, black or gray, like mine), throw on a cute dress and call it a day. I’m digging this cute color-block frock from seller bilot.

Whatever New Year’s resolution(s) you decide on, give yourself a break every now and then! I’m throwing on a sweatshirt, ’cause it’s cold in here.

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