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Today on Fashion Friday, we’re doing something a little different. If you’ve been putting off your own projects, use this post as inspiration–one pint-sized seamstress is following her design dreams while still in grade school.

Stella Lowenstein is an aspiring fashion designer here in the Southern fashion hub of New Orleans. She takes sewing classes at Sew Fabulous, a studio on Oak Street. Recently, she completed her first sewing project just for herself: a floral skirt with ruffly purple trim.

Stella is seven.

Stella and GiGi
Stella with Sew Fabulous owner and instructor GiGi Baay.

She’s the youngest pupil ever to enroll at Sew Fabulous, which normally only accepts students age nine and older. But owner/instructor GiGi Baay was impressed with Stella’s skill and attention span. Now, Stella sews at the studio every Tuesday afternoon, her machine’s pedal resting on a box so it reaches her feet.

“I want to design clothes for anybody,” Stella says shyly, clutching at her new skirt. “Anything comfortable or pretty, or mixed together. Snazzy suits–I could do anything.”

She’s already planning to make a “handsome suit” for her dad, Tom, and has all of the details in mind: it will come with a sport coat and pants, of course, and will be paired with a white undershirt. “And a tie with elephants on it,” she adds.

Stella Lowenstein
Stella shows off her skirt.

With her mother and grandmother, Stella frequently takes trips to the fabric store. Before making her skirt, she kept busy sewing presents for friends and family: elephant and owl “stuffies,” dish towels, and clothes for her American Girl doll. “Mostly dresses,” she clarifies.

As Stella’s skills grow, so will her adoring public. “Like six friends have asked me to make dresses already!” she says. Though she hasn’t learned how yet, she plans to make patterns to put all the dresses together. She dreams of making herself a dress, too: a warm, long-sleeved affair of red velvet, with “white puffy things all around.”

When she’s not sewing, Stella likes to ride horses, play violin, and jump on her family’s new trampoline (“Every minute of every day since it arrived,” says Tom). Her favorite color is pink.

Right now, Stella is happy where she is–but she has firm plans for the future. “I want to design my own clothes and have a little shop,” she says. “If I get famous, that would be cool. Okay, fine, I want to be famous.”

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