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Y’all, I really thought I did this already.

Worn correctly together, coral and teal will offset each other in a glorious, jewel-toned explosion of brilliance. Worn incorrectly, they will make you look like a six-year-old’s birthday party tablecloth.

I mean, you don’t need any help if you look like this.

Correct: This skull-tastic scarf from seller gertiebaxter. Okay, so it’s less of a coral and more of a “vermilion”. Vermilion is just coral plus mud. Get over yourself, vermilion.

Imagine it speaking to you.

The key is balance. Use these pieces with solid colors—-when in doubt, go with black or white. This foldover clutch from seller frankandgertrude is just the right amount of teal to accent your outfit. Plus it’s kinda green too. WHAT? We can’t all be Pantone-perfect.

For rainy-day three-legged races.

Is it raining? I hope so, because I want a pair of these super-sweet boots from seller PuddlesNRainbows (spoiler alert: they come in other colors too, and are laughably expensive for footwear specifically designed to wear on gross days).

Chevrons are SO IN RIGHT NOW. Or they were.

To zip up, lock in, and nail down the best color combo since lemon + stone, snag this geometric necklace from seller PureImpressions. I have nothing else to say about it. Just buy it.

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