Fashion Friday #fashionfriday

Whether you’re still in school, teach at one, or are required by law to stay at least 500 feet from them, you’ll see a lot of ads this time of year for back-to-school fashion.

Luckily, plaid is no longer in style, unless you’re a Catholic school student or wearing it “ironically”. What’s replaced it? Let’s look at Etsy to find out.

tree skirt
A cute way to say, “I like owls and I stopped shaving in September.”

If you prefer to let your leg hair grow out in the colder months (I call this “Sasquatching”), you can accent it with this cute handmade skirt from seller Zoeslollipop. Its conservative charcoal gray shade will go with your winter wardrobe, while its playful painted branches will lead viewers’ eyes away from your Amazon jungle-shins.

It’s like a Mayan holiday!

You can always cover up, too, with some well-made tights or leggings. I’m digging these “tribal” ones from seller QooQoo Fashion, which are kind of wintery, but not so much that you’re vomiting tinsel and candy canes.

Back in the day, they called this a “rucksack.”

Now, how about a stylin’ backpack? This simple one from seller BagDoRi will do the trick, assuming you crazy kids actually carry books these days (they look like Kindles, only they are made of paper, not tiny magic elves).

Some assembly required.

Finally, start the academic year off right with this “poetic” hoodie from seller idea2lifestyle. You’ll be in the mood for learning after having to spend an hour figuring out where your hands and head go. And you can totally stash contraband in this thing, because it’s basically one giant pocket.

Happy schooling!

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