The Contender - Product Description Copy

The Contender – Short Product Description Copy


Is your flagship product description pulling its punches? Could it convert more compellingly — consequently crushing your competition? Do you like all the “C” sounds I threw into that last sentence?

Meet The Contender: the product description copy your fabulous product deserves.

The Contender turns your “meh” product copy into an irresistible siren call. Sing to your customers. Soothe their fears. And watch them sink into the salty-sweet surrender of your checkout process!

The Contender is ideal for simple and/or lower-dollar products.

What’s a simple product? Think party favors, a bottle of wine, or a treat sampler. If your product pages are usually 500 words or fewer, this is the service for you.

Got a more complex and/or higher-dollar product? (Think mattresses, bespoke furniture, or software.) Get in touch right here for your very own project quote.

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