Fashion Friday #fashionfriday

Good morning, lovely readers. This Fashion Friday, I present to you an often underrated color combo: lemon + stone (often referred to by those not in the know as “yellow + gray”. Psh).

Shoes for the uncrushably cheerful.

Kick things off [your feet] with a pair of custom flats from seller TheDrifterLeather, whom I also featured last month. Apparently I just can’t get enough colorful dried cow skin.


Also made of former cows: this sleek bag from seller farragobags2 (maybe farragobags1 was taken?). Slip in your laptop, important case files, and the above flats as backup for when you have to walk in heels and carry things and you don’t want your feet to bleed.

Chevron. Chevroff.

Next, outclass your fellow technophiles with a cheery cover for your iPad/Nook/Kindle/other tiny screen you stare at instead of reading books. This chevron case from seller gothicreations is made to order, and bemusingly non-Gothic.

Put a bird on it!
Put a bird on it!

This tie from seller MeandMatilda will do nicely for the ornithologically inclined men in your life. It comes in all sorts of sizes, both pre-tied and standard, because it’s never too early to start dressing up a baby.

FASHION FRIDAY: All Bespoken For

Fashion Friday #fashionfriday So bespoken isn’t a word. It doesn’t matter. English is an ever-evolving language! Trust me. I’m the Maven.

On this glorious Fashion Friday, treat yourself to something custom-made. Bespoke sellers are out there, and they want to sew/craft/glue/engrave something just for you.

Feet sweat factories.
Feet-sweat factories.

For example, these magical navy blue handmade flats from seller TheDrifterLeather. When you tie their dainty straps, your cankles will disappear! Along with your worries, and stuff.

For the days when you run out of paper bags

If your problems are more serious than cankles (we’re talking serious problems), a crazy customized mask from seller Warpcat should clear them right up, along with scaring the bejesus out of you each and every time you look in the mirror. I recommend this bold bespoke option to those who have simply given up.

The real Beatles didn't fit.
The real Beatles didn’t fit.

Men will enjoy custom cufflinks from seller LittleBurrowDesigns, who prints your text of choice onto silk and adds it to a pair of brass findings. The only other thing you need to know is that the seller lives in a magical-sounding place called Ottery St. Mary, England, so the postmark alone is a reason to order.

Remember every dead pet forever.

Admittedly, the last item today is my favorite. A set of three custom-engraved bangles from seller Joulberry offers the chance to place 390 characters of meaningful text on these sleek silver wrist ornaments. For inspiration, the seller suggests, Take the time to explore your past, your present and your future…Capture your children’s names…Can you remember your wedding vows or would you like to remind yourself? 

I might add, Do you have a serious peanut allergy? What was the date you started paying for your own car insurance? Who is your favorite Jonas Brother?

One small step for bespoke Etsy crafters, one giant leap for Fashion Friday!