Hello, devoted Fashion Fridayers! Please accept my apologies for a long absence. What can I say? When business gets crazy, your own blog is the first to suffer. I’m working on that. 😉

Tomorrow, I’ll take my third trip in as many months. I’ve got plane-wear down to a science–and I promise it’s not all Juicy Velour sweatpants and VS Pink hoodies.

Just in case it needs to be said, always build your travel outfit around your shoes. I don’t know how many times I’ve shuffled past miserable women in the airport, tottering painfully on stiletto heels with their poor, raw toes hanging out like uncanned Vienna sausages. This pair of adorable, snappy lace-up flats from seller BangiShop is just the ticket.

Striped Leather Flats
Unlacing these leather sweat-sponges at the security checkpoint is gonna be a truly unpleasant experience.

High-quality yoga or palazzo pants are another good way to look like you’re not wearing your pajamas to tour the world, while totally wearing your pajamas to tour the world. I like this pair from seller OmBeautiful, who clearly has life figured out.

Yellow Palazzo Pants
What’s that? I’m sorry, I can’t hear you through all the Zen.

Definitely wear long sleeves on your travels. You can always push them up if you get hot, but you can never make your forearms warm without lighting them on fire. Or, you know, wearing a jacket. I’m digging this weirdo design from seller WoodenJacket.

Cowboy/Indian Shirt
Forever at war, on your chest!

The final thing you need to tie it all together, and trick your Starbucks-fueled fellow passengers into thinking you’ve got it all figured out, is a big ol’ piece of statement jewelry–like this honking cocktail ring from seller AtelierYumi. Just don’t forget to pick it up from the TSA’s little plastic bowl as you’re going through security.

Druzy Cocktail Ring
Punch uppity TSA officers in the teeth!

Wish me bon voyage!

FASHION FRIDAY: Transatlantic Traveling

Fashion Friday #fashionfriday

Maven here, writing from chilly London where my business name sounds like a joke (“Oh, you’re the English Maven? Maven of what? We’re all English.” Insert squinty eye.)

So, after lugging a giant broken suitcase all the way to our rented apartment in posh Maida Vale, I’ve come up with a few things it would be nice to have when one is crossing the pond. This takes into account the weekend spent in Dublin, which may have been the coldest, rainiest, funnest (I know) three days ever.

Side note: Dubliners are much nicer than Londoners. Must be all that Irish whiskey.


Did I mention it's triple-distilled?
Did I mention it’s triple-distilled?

Drunkify your phone with a Jameson Irish Whiskey case from seller matamucux. Having personally toured the Old Jameson Distillery in Dublin a few days ago, I can vouch for its all-around amazingness. They also harp strangely on the fact that Jameson, unlike other whiskeys, is triple distilled. Makes it smoother. Like you, when you use this phone case in place of a pickup line.

* Will not work on T-shirt-wearing slobs.

Accessorize your hangover with sterling silver cufflinks featuring an antique map of Dublin, from seller AnneHolman. They’re expensive, but when you consider the cost of a flight to Ireland, $119 starts looking pretty good. Just watch “The Boondock Saints” and pretend Sean Patrick Flanery is your boyfriend.

Icy stare of the Brits demonstrated here.
Icy stare of the Brits demonstrated here.

Now that I’m in London, I find myself wishing for some sort of glare-deflecting shield against British condescension. Enter this veiled fascinator from seller EllenMarieDesign, which has just enough birdcage veil to say, “Fuck off, I’m fashionable.”

(Really, it’s only some English servicepeople that seem to hate Americans. But I hear they hate the French much more, so I’m taking solace in that.)

Not to scale, unless you are a proton.
Not to scale, unless you are a proton.

If you’re still interested in visiting London after the last item, congratulations: have this cuff by seller JezebelCharms. It’ll keep you from getting lost while you wander around, too scared to ask for directions. Also, it just looks good.

Real talk: London is a lot like most other big cities in terms of diversity, sights to see, and residents’ friendliness. It’s just that here, everything is about a thousand years old, and they’re still mad King George lost the war.