What I Wear to Write

[Note: Hilary Joyner of Cutie Cameras and a few other ladybloggers invited me to do a #bloggeroutfit post today. Get ready for some serious navel-gazing. –Lianna]


The write way to dress

Here’s how I feel about “writing clothes”: What you wear informs your comfort, and your comfort informs the tone (and sometimes the quality) of your writing. Bear with me, because there’s a happy middle ground here.

Comfort is paramount. But being too comfortable isn’t good either. After all, I’m working. Gotta get my brain in the game.

As I write this, I’m still in my pajamas. Why? I DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU, FELLOW SLOBS. But when I’m writing something important–say, a landing page to increase conversions–I’m probably going to want to wear pants.

If I have a solid writing day with no meetings (#blessed), I usually go for jeans or cutoffs, a comfy T-shirt, and flats. If I really don’t want anyone to bother me at the coffee shop (read: most days), I wear my glasses. They frame my BRF nicely.


You can have my T-shirts when you pry them from my cold, dead hands

You probably want one of these shirts now.
Hildegard T-shirt FTW.

I collect T-shirts on pure intuition, which has led me to acknowledge that:

1) They’re usually gray.

2) They must be insanely soft.

3) I like people to know that I know about cool things that they probably don’t know about.

My newest acquisition–this kickass band tee from my friends (and rock superstars) Hildegard–fits the bill. It’s just creepy enough, nice and long, and did I mention how soft it is? Perfect for writing. And doing everything else.

Please don’t make me take it off.

I feel naked without earrings

In high school/early college, I went through a phase wherein the bigger my earrings were, the better. I’m talking plate-sized, pressed-tin “LEO” astrology-themed danglers, big ol’ wooden circles, you name it. I loved them.

One day, something changed, and since then, I’ve preferred post earrings. Was it an invasion of the body snatchers, or my burgeoning maturity? Maybe it was Maybelline! We’ll never know.

Either way, my Etsy wishlist now bears witness to my love for delicate post earrings. And wooden furniture. And backpacks. And necklaces. OH MY GOD I WANT IT ALL.

Owl about town.
Hoooooo are you?

These adorable little owls were made by my pal Miss Malaprop, who also happens to be participating in the #bloggeroutfit post roundup! They’re the earring equivalent of a great T-shirt: cute but not too fancy, goes with everything, and can be worn multiple days in a row without anyone noticing the smell.

Flats are my jam

Look, I love heels. I have a closet full of beautiful heels that, if they could talk, would probably be croaking something like “Please…just let me die…” I bust out a pair about two or three times a year.

Maybe it’s my crippling lack of self-confidence, but most days, I’m happy being 5’8″ and walking comfortably.

eBay jelly flats!
Flat as hell and SPARKLY TO BOOT! (Get it?)

I got these insanely sparkly jelly flats on eBay for like, $5. I wear them on days when the sky is not quite ominous enough for rain boots, but you JUST KNOW that if you wear anything leather on your feet, you’ll get drenched.

Moment of silence for all the ruined suede flats out there.

Anyway, that’s usually what I wear to write! Was this the most self-indulgent post ever? If you think so, you probably haven’t read this one.

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