Just 5 spots left to work with me in July

I've got limited availability for client work this summer. If you've been waiting for me to write your copy... wait no longer.


Just 6 spots left to work with me in June

I've got limited availability for client work this summer. If you've been waiting for me to write your copy... wait no longer.

Lianna, I wish I counted how many times I legitimately laughed out loud while reviewing your copy. You seriously have a gift... a gift at making strangers and curious onlookers feel loved and known. Like a digital hug reaching from a real human across the screen, it was marvelous experience reviewing the deliverables. Looking forward to working with you on many more projects to come!

- Kevin Michael Gray, WPeSign

The emails you wrote have done a stellar job. The numbers speak for themselves (I’ve just checked).

Our customer lifetime value is up ~150%, orders per customer is up from 2 to 3, and the returning customer rate is up 7 percent.

- Jawad Rahimi, Good Life Coffee

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Limited July Services

  • How to improve the stickiness and urgency of headlines and calls to action
  • How to rewrite vague/unfocused sentences
  • How to better focus the copy around the reader’s pains or problems
  • What should be cut
  • Suggesting formatting changes for better readability
  • and a few other things!

$697 - Only 2 available in July


The Knockout:

Recorded Website UX + Copy Audit

The Knockout Audit is your way to get actionable feedback on up to 4 pages of your existing website — from design to UX to copy. Here’s how it works: I go through your site while recording my voice and screen. I talk through heuristic issues I see and suggest potential conversion-boosting changes, like:

If you want actionable feedback on your copy and user experience FAST, this is the service for you.

The Uppercut:

Rewritten Landing Page Copy + Design Recs

If your landing page isn’t converting, there’s a reason why. Actually, there might be multiple reasons.

Enter the Uppercut: a cure for what ails your landing page. Your Uppercut includes a whole-hog heuristic review of your current landing page and suggestions for improving structure, graphics, and more — PLUS line-by-line rewrites of your low-converting copy. Here are some of the landing page types you can improve with an Uppercut:

  • SaaS Product Tour Landing Pages
  • SaaS Free Trial Signup Landing Pages
  • Ecommerce Product Pages
  • Ecommerce About Pages
  • Content Offer Landing Pages

If one of your landing pages isn't pulling its weight, grab an Uppercut to punch it into fighting shape.


$1297 - Only 2 available in July

Buy My Day:

Cross Off a Ton of Items on Your Copy Wishlist

For one hardcore, head-down day, I'll write and strategize just for your business. When you Buy My Day, you're really buying...

  • Irresistibly clickable emails
  • Insanely compelling landing pages
  • Standout website copy
  • Funnels that suck people in like Sharknado sucks up livestock
  • Relief that you're finally taking care of your overdue copy needs

If you've got a laundry list of copy needs + you're ready to make big progress, book a day now.


$2897 - Only 1 available in July

BMDs are especially perfect for you if you have an upcoming launch, lots of product SKUs to rewrite, or copy holes throughout your funnel that you desperately need filled.

See examples of how much I can get done in a day, plus raves from past clients, right here.

Not ready, or need something different? I got u, boo

If you know you want to work with me, you should sign up now right there ☝️☝️☝️ while I've got spots available.

Still on the white picket fence? Get in touch here and we'll plan ahead for your sizzling summer copy projects.

Why you wanna work with me

Let me unpack my horn so I can toot it for a second:

Having written and strategized for hundreds of clients over the last 10 years, I can point to my copy's real, measurable results for my clients — which is why I'm regularly booked out months in advance. I'm also an in-demand speaker at marketing, ecommerce, and software conferences worldwide.

Plus, I'm just plain fun to work with.


Even my competitors love me

The top copywriter community is small, tight, and fiercely protective of clients' well-being. We don't recommend each other lightly. Here's what other in-demand copywriters are saying about me...

"Meh" original copy...

“I have the best clients and get some really top notch projects coming into my inbox. I can’t help everyone (nor should I) so I *happily* refer those ballers to Lianna without hesitation. One time I even trusted Lianna to watch my tacos, and I take my tacos very seriously.”

- Val Geisler, Fix My Churn

“What's the opposite of a one-trick pony? A... multi-trick stallion? Lianna is that. Not only does she rightfully rank among the most elite conversion copywriters I know — she also knows how and when to apply humor and emotion to part people with their money, and have them smiling while doing so. She's on the shortlist of copywriters I'm both happy to refer — or lose — projects to, because I know whoever hires her is getting one hell of a talent in their corner.

- Joel Klettke, Business Casual Copywriting and Case Study Buddy

“It's true. You need to f*cking hire Lianna. She knows her sh*t and she gets results. My favorite thing about Lianna is her ability to cut straight to the value of whatever she's writing about. She's able to keep copy fresh, meaningful, and perhaps most important of all — converting. If I could, I'd pull her into every single client project I had."

- Asia Matos, DemandMaven

Or bury your head in the sand like an ostrich, and get real sad when you reach out a month from now and I'm booked up ¯_(ツ)_/¯