Give your business its best day ever

My brain. Your brand.
And one full day of me writing

your knockout new copy.


Weaponize my weird brain for a day

Need a burst of brilliant copy or a flash of strategic inspiration? You're in exactly the right spot.

For one hardcore, head-down day, I'll write and strategize just for your business.

When you Buy My Day, you're really buying...

- Irresistibly clickable emails.

- Insanely compelling landing pages.

- Eye-grabbing ads.

- Sassy, standout website copy.

And funnels that suck people in like Sharknado sucks up livestock.

It's all on the table.

And I'm ready to chow down.

Who's this for?

This is for you if you have a killer business, especially if you’re a software founder or ecommerce store director.

You’re doing well. Real well. You’ve got big plans, and some are already in the works.

Plus, you know phenomenal copy when you see it— and you love the results$$$ it generates.

Damn, you’re awesome!

You've got a prioritized list of projects that are nearing the finish line. All you're waiting on now is fantastic copy that's built to convert.

You’re looking for a copy pro (that's me!) who can deliver your message in a lively, personable voice that makes your readers smile AND click.

And hey, you might not mind a second opinion on some of the strategic plans you’re keeping on the back burner.

*cracks knuckles* Let's do this.

Pick the way

you want to work together

During your Day, I'll work on your copy projects the way you prefer.

If you already know exactly what you need, great! I'll nail it.
Want more hands-on guidance? Just call me Copy Yoda.

Way #1: You line 'em up, I knock 'em down

Way #2: I take charge

+ get shit done

Know exactly where you need copy to fill the gaps in that genius plan of yours?

Hand me a specific task or tasks. I'll take those projects off your plate, and do a bang-up job on 'em to boot.

Know what you'd like to happen, and don't particularly care how?

I'll come up with a strategy to get you from A to Hell Fucking Yeah.

Then I'll execute that strategy like it's my job. Which it is.


Click if you're ready to put your money
where your marketing goals are.

Here's a taste of what I can accomplish
when you Buy My Day

  • Write five (5) new emails to vastly improve your welcome & post-purchase sequences - I'll turn your blahhh emails into click-and-conversion-generating, downright REPLY FIESTAS. Regular fee: $1985 ($397 per email)

  • AND rewrite your low-converting pop-up - Grow your list faster. Then send 'em the killer emails I just punched up for you. Regular fee: $357

  • AND record a heuristic review of your entire site (up to 8 pages) - I'll point out missed opportunities, errors you haven't noticed, and areas where you might be leaking money.
    Regular fee: $1797


Example Day 1

Example Day 2

  • Write your jawdropping new Home page - I'll make sure that the MOMENT a stranger lands on your site, they know exactly who you are, what you do, and why the flying sugarglider they should care.
    Regular fee: $2497

  • AND write your warm-fuzzy-generating, heart-ensnaring About page - Did you know the About page is one of the most-viewed pages on every site? Yep, yours too.

    If your current About page isn't turning your visitors into customers who are dying to buy or clients who are dying to try [your product]... in my world, that's a national emergency.
    Regular fee: $2497


I'll write your brand-new, optimized-to-convert landing page. Yep. In a day.

If you're selling a high-ticket item or service, you'll need to keep your readers interested, show them you understand their problems, and convince them YOU'RE the right person to solve 'em. Scintillating, research-backed copy can do that.

(You provide the customer research and quantitative data I'll need to slay your page. I'm not a wizard, after all).

I might even be able to squeeze in a Balsamiq wireframe to show you exactly how your hot new shiz should look.


Example Day 3: The Landing Page Knockout (Super Popular, For Real)

I don't always write from the toilet, but when I do... I'm working on your landing page.

Here's what one Buy My Day client said...

Cliff Worley, Digital Media Whisperer + Speaker

Oh, and here's the landing page I wrote for Cliff that day.

Prepare to scroll. And scroll. And scroll.

Oh, and here's the landing page I wrote for Cliff that day.

Mmm. So informative. So persuasive. Damn I'm good.

Let's measure my impact

We may only work together for a day. But that day should have a long-lasting positive effect on your ROI, your business goals, and your self-esteem.

For projects based on metrics (which, uh, most projects should be), we’ll look at the stats before I start to establish a benchmark.

After you launch your brand-new copy, I'll check in to see how it's working. You'll be on my mind, boo.

Hi, I'm Lianna.

Look, it's me calling in the Sales Cavalry to blow your revenue out of the water.

And that's Space Ghost, my business paw-tner.

I'm the fun-to-work with, conversion-obsessed copywriter you've been looking for

My butter-smooth process

Let's make this as little work for you as possible.
Here's how Buying My Day looks from start to finish.

(The only thing it doesn't include is a hot towel.)

Once you Buy My Day, the wheels start turning right away.

First, I'll send you questions about your business, your goals, and the copy you're dreaming of. (This helps me get to know you before we hop on a call, so we can get right to the good stuff.)

Your dedicated Day starts with a one-on-one video call. We'll meet, talk specifics, and set goals for 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Then you let me loose on our projects while you treat yourself to a mimosa.

At the end of the day, I'll send you a Google Drive folder with links to everything I worked on. I'll also record a quick walkthrough, so you don't have to read a long-ass "wrap-up" email.

You probably didn't think getting your brand-new, killer conversion copy would be that easy.

But it can be.

  • I trained under Joanna Wiebe (Copy Hackers, Airstory) and Craig Sullivan (Optimise Or Die). I keep up-to-date with what's happening in the CRO and online marketing universes, because shit moves fast out here.

  • I write for industry publications like Copy Hackers, Autopilot, BigCommerce, + more. Maybe you've seen me around.

  • I'm a highly-rated speaker at marketing, software, and ecommerce industry conferences, including Call To Action Conference, Business of Software, and Blue Ribbon Ecommerce Mastermind.

Why work with me?

I mean, apart from the fact that my mom says I'm great and she's proud of me. Hi Mom!

Pretty standard day at the office.


I am so, so psyched to make your copy a million times better.