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3 months of private coaching + support.
3 2 spots available.
Calls begin in Q2 2024.

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Omg! My business has exploded! I’m getting right at 100 students a month in my course. When I hired you I was getting 9 people a month! Look how much clarity you gave me!

Emily Hawkins (we restructured her sales page on a call)

Copywriters have been asking me to offer coaching for years.

And trust me, I've been tempted.

I haven’t officially done it yet, mostly because I didn’t want to get pigeonholed into the whole those who can’t do, teach thing. Which is often true! Coaches coaching coaches and all that. It’s a maelstrom of bullshit all the way down.

But you know what, y’all?

I DO coach. I’ve coached for years — from stage, on private calls, during live teardowns, and in person.

I’ve written and taught comedic conversion copywriting for all sorts of big fancy brands all over the world.

And I’ve thought a lot about how I can help a certain type of copywriter.

Keep reading to find out if that’s you.

“I only picked a ‘least favorite’ class because the question required an answer and ‘I absolutely loved every class’ wasn’t an option :)”

2022 Conversion Comedy Student

I’m opening 2 coaching spots in Q2 2024 for copywriters who:

  • Want to write funnier copy for yourself or for your clients — and want to learn tools and techniques to effortlessly brainstorm concepts, choose angles, and write and edit jokes on the fly

  • Missed the chance to enroll in the last round of Conversion Comedy Our work together can be a private version of CC just for you, if that’s what you want


  • Want to live-write, review, and edit your copy with my feedback — Hone your style, learn to self-edit, and write for higher conversions and better user experience (think of this as general chop-sharpening)


  • Want to work with better clients with less stress by defining your best-fit clients or customers and talking to them like a confident human


  • Want to run a “lazy” business while still making 6 figures — AKA work 20-30 hours/week and take guilt-free time off to ride your bike, get brunch, lie on the couch and watch four straight hours of porn, whatever


  • Want to deliver your absolute best work — thanks to a second set of expert eyes on your client deliverables


  • Want to uplevel your clients, increase your prices, start speaking at events, or all of the above — basically, if you think you might like to run a business like mine, I’ll tell you exactly how I got here


  • Want to stop thrashing around and wondering what to do next — Let’s talk through it and make a plan. You’ll be accountable to me (I can be scary if you want that)


  • Are already making at least $70k per year — I’m not the person to help your brand-new business find clients. But I can help you deliver better work and get more projects from your existing clients

And who DON’T:

  • Want help hiring or managing — Punchline is a solo show. And while I’m a pretty solid communicator (it’s literally my job), I don’t know shit about employees

  • Expect a coaching relationship to come with client referrals or networking opportunities — of course, it could always happen! But that’s not what you’re paying for

My approach to coaching

I’ve been fortunate in my own work with coaches.

By which I mean I’ve managed to mostly avoid the fluffy, ineffectual type of person who promises vague “transformations” and then either forces you into some kind of rigid, worksheet-focused curriculum that has nothing to do with your actual business goals, OR who casually retraumatizes you because they like playing therapist.

I respect the incredible bravery and trust it takes for you to choose ME to help you, and I’ll show the fuck up for you.

Soooooo what’s it like to coach with me?

Coaching with me is characterized by my energetic, tenacious, occasionally over-the-top commitment to YOU. When you hire me to be your coach, you also hire me to be your champion. Your cheerleader. And occasionally, your dad. Somebody’s gotta tell you to mow the lawn or there will be consequences.


👆Those are the vibes.


Structure-wise, we’ll focus on the areas YOU want my help with. Usually, that’s one or more of these four things:

  • You want to learn funny fundamentals, write funnier copy for yourself or your clients, and just generally grow your comedy muscles — because you know how much more fun both life and work are on this side of the Boring Bridge.

    The principles, approaches, and formulas we’ll work through are applicable to all kinds of copy, from coming up with fun ideas for your TikToks and Reels to effortlessly drafting emails, landing pages, blogs, and more. All of which feel like YOU (though bonus points if we share the same absurd, goofy, slightly dark sense of humor).

    Naturally, we’ll also be paying close attention to how copy works with design and user experience, because presentation of your fabulous words is key.

  • You’re suffering from a blindspot when it comes to your own particular copy crutches, weird tics, and areas to improve — and you want someone to point those things out and suggest what to do about ‘em.

  • You’ve built a business that’s paying you, but isn’t quite satisfying you — I will be extremely, pointedly, yet lovingly honest about helping you identify the things it’s time to let go of, and the things to do next.

    I feel like hustle culture still has a chokehold on too many business owners. Let’s figure out how you can walk the line between nailing your goals and actually being present in your life outside of your laptop.

  • You want help actually doing the Hard And Scary Things — There’s truly nothing like accountability. (I should know. I don’t do anything unless I get paid up front for it, and/or there is a very real threat of public humiliation.)

“Overall, Lianna is very personable and energetic so it’s easy to talk to her. She provided very sharp insights, and helped us solve our problems in a way that is relevant and meaningful to us. So definitely, it was fun and productive!”

Jeilan Devanesan

What coaching with me includes

Your 3-month engagement ($997/mo) looks like this:

  • Twice monthly coaching calls. Just you, me, and my recording and transcription software so none of your brilliant ideas (or promises to do shit) get lost.

  • Access to me in your private Punchline Slack or Voxer channel (pick one). I’ll check Slack or Voxer at least once a day Mon-Thurs, and respond to your questions, give feedback, and send voice notes.

  • Option to upgrade to weekly calls — $1737/mo (only 1 spot available)

  • Option to move to month-to-month coaching after the first 3 months.

  • A (bonus) intro call after you put down your deposit to make sure I can actually help you. If I’m not the right fit for you, I’ll refund your deposit and try to recommend another resource.

During your 3 months with me, we’ll work together to:

  • Identify and hone your authentic (ew, I know) sense of humor — because being funny is fun and profitable. Ask me how I know 😎

  • Live-write and edit your copy — Get my feedback on your current projects so you can deliver higher-quality work to your clients, level up your skills, and become more confident in your writing

  • Improve and clarify your service offerings and how you write about them — on your website, in your client emails, and elsewhere on the Internet

  • Create a copywriting business that’s in line with what you actually want from your ✨one wild and precious life✨ — and let go or reframe any lingering hustle culture bullshit

  • Become besties?? — Shit, idk. Could happen.


If investing in getting better is important to you, we're on the same page.

It’s obvious Lianna practices her craft a lot and deeply understands what is going to work and what isn’t I think that’s partly because of her improv background as well. She does a lot of that. I think she’s done stand up comedy as well, but she really appreciates the value of being able to put yourself in other people’s shoes and understand what is going to be funny to everybody versus being deprecating about your comedy to other people.”

Mike Taber, Bluetick.io + Startups For The Rest of Us

Pop a squat + think about your business

Where are you now, and where do you want to be?

Because here’s where I see you:

You wake up when YOU want (unless you have kids, in which case you’re waking up when they want). Either way, you do NOT have an 8AM meeting or even a 9AM meeting if you don’t want one. Nope, no thank you.

You pour a cup of coffee and take your sweet-ass time with whatever morning routine works for you: a nice walk, some yoga, a sweaty strength workout, or just scrolling until the caffeine punches your brain in the dick.

You head to your home office (or the coffee shop) to see what project your calendar says is on deck for today. Whatever it is, you’ve already been paid for it — and you’re not splitting your focus between 17 smaller projects.

You take a break whenever you want. 

If you need anything from your client, you shoot them a quick email. (No anxiety-inducing corporate-y jargon, just a “Hey, can you share that thing?”)

You check your invoicing software. Sick, this is your biggest month ever. Doesn’t feel like it! You’re working fewer hours, but you feel dialed in… and your income reflects that focus.

While you’re head-down in the zone, writing copy you actually feel excited about delivering, another productized service sale comes in.

Looks like next month might be even bigger than this month.

Want to hit the fast-forward button on better clients, more fun projects, and more confidence in the quality of your copy from concept to deliverable?

Coaching is $997/mo, with a 3-month minimum commitment.

Reserve your spot (remember, there are only 4) with a $297 deposit here.

Coaching includes:

  • Two 60-90-minute-long Zoom calls a month
  • Slack support in between (Mon-Thurs)
  • Probably a few dick jokes

I have ONE spot for weekly calls ($1797/mo). If you want extra support and accountability, have big ambitious plans, or just want to make the most of our first three months together, this might be the right plan for you.

Only two spots available in Q2. You in?

Mmm, logistics


STRUCTURE: Bimonthly calls (that’s twice a month, not every two months for those of you who are bad and wrong).

We’ll be live on Zoom, 60-90 min per call. Outside of that, you’ll have access to me through Slack or Voxer. Send me as many messages as you want — I’ll check and respond once a day, Mon-Thurs.

LENGTH: 3-month commitment. Month-to-month available after that.

(Need to take a week or two (or even a month) off? No prob — we’ll push out. But your billing will continue on autopay regardless of breaks. Your 3-month coaching package must be used within 5 months.)

COST: $997/mo for 3 months of twice-monthly calls. Upgrade to weekly calls for $1737/mo. Pay in full for a discount 😉

DEPOSIT: $297 to hold your spot, assuming any are open. I’ll reach out to schedule your “Are We a Fit” call within a week of your deposit. You have 14 days after you pay your deposit to decide you made a mistake and get a refund. After 14 days, no refunds on deposits.


(In improv, we call these “gifts”)

All coaching clients get:

  • Free access during your coaching engagement to the Comedypedia ($97/mo): My personal, regularly-updated, searchable database of funny copywriting examples, brands, and comedians to inspire and unblock your funniest writing


  • Access to my Mad Libs Welcome Email Templates ($77) to walk you through drafting a brand-new, 5-email welcome flow that feels authentically-to-you funny


  • Access to Funnier in 5 ($5): My 5-email course that helps you start building your comedy brain

Why coach with me?

Well, probably because you think I can help you… right?

Apart from that, you might be interested to know that I’m a Copyhackers-certified Conversion Copywriter and featured in CH’s book, The 6-Figure Freelance Copywriter.

Cheesin' is my job and i have never called in sick

I’ve written and performed sketch, improv, and standup comedy for more than 10 years.

I’ve spoken at conferences all over the world, to audiences ranging from a few people to hundreds packed into theaters. I’ve run copy-meets-comedy workshops for brands whose programs you love, whose products you’ve bought, whose writing you adore.

Also, I’m actually a pretty nice person, despite my tendency to swear like I just slammed my finger in the car door. I am genuinely here to help.

My "I'm not an asshole" guarantee

Here’s my whole deal: I want this to be useful for you. We’ll figure out what “useful” is together, starting on your very first “Are We a Fit?” call. (And if we’re not a fit, I’ll do my best to suggest other resources that can help you.)

I’m an adult, and I expect you to be one, too. If at any point during our coaching engagement, you’re feeling uneasy or upset or disappointed because I’m not giving you what you want, tell me. We’ll figure it out together. I’m not an asshole, and I won’t treat you like one. *Men’s Wearhouse voice* I guarantee it.

“I’m more confident in my approach to be funny and lighten my tone. Humor historically hasn’t been pushed in my company and I was always nervous to flirt with the humor boundary but Lianna showed me there are ways to implement humor at different levels.”


2022 Conversion Comedy student

I’ve been teaching live for years.

Now it's your turn to learn.

Where I’ve Spoken + Taught

...and dozens more

“I often hesitate to buy courses because I don’t always learn something new. This was a whole different experience and I learned a lot. Not just about how to be funny, but what my style of comedy is, when I’m comfortable being funny or not, and how to make things giggle worthy. Folks don’t have to laugh out loud at my jokes. Snickering is perfectly fine too.”

— 2022 Conversion Comedy Student

I'm all up in your head, answering your questions

soooooo many fucking questions

What if I'm not funny/Can you make me funny?

Very, very, very few people are *truly* humorless (and if you ARE, you simply have no interest in comedy or becoming funnier. I do not understand you). But the sheer fact that you’re reading this right now tells me that even if you don’t think you’re funny, you’re interested in being funnier. That’s the only part that matters.

Do I have access to you between the twice monthly calls?

Yep. You’ll have a private channel in my Slack or Voxer where you can message me as much as you want. I check Slack and Voxer and respond at minimum once a day, Mon-Thurs.

Can I upgrade to weekly calls?

You sure can. I have 1 spot open for weekly coaching (1 hour call per week, with Slack or Voxer support in between). Weekly coaching is $1737/month, with a 3-month commitment to begin. Upgrade anytime.

Is this for agency copywriters or solo copywriting business owners?

This coaching engagement is designed for copywriters running their own businesses. That said, if you work for an agency and want to coach with me, just tell your boss to pay for it. It’ll be worth it.

Will you help me price my services?

Goddamn right. And I’ll probably tell you to charge more. You’re welcome 😘

You tell me I'm going to be writing better copy, but for who? For me to sell my services or to help my clients sell their services?

Insert *why not both* GIF here. Becoming a better copywriter is one of those magical things (like doing improv comedy, or setting boundaries with that shitty relative) whose goodness seeps into all other areas of your life. 

The focus of our coaching calls is highly dependent on what YOU want to work on. If you want to improve your own copy, that’s what we’ll do. If you just want to tap me as your copy reviewer for client projects (and get actual feedback on how to concept and write funny copy that converts, not just my “How’d He Do-Dat” edits), that’s what we’ll do.

Who can I sell funnier copywriting to? Not every client needs or wants funny copy.

PRECISELY, MY DEAR CREATURE. But regardless of industry, you know what kinds of clients want and value funny copy that converts? The BEST clients. Clients who you actually look forward to getting on calls with. Clients who turn into friends. Clients who come back weeks, months, and literal years later to work with YOU again because no one else can do what you do.

I want to work with “celebrity” clients like you. How do I do that?

Kidnap me and steal my identity. JK. “Celebrity” is such a loaded word, because every niche has its own celebrities! I’ll help you figure out who those brands are within your niche (or help you define your perfect clients if you haven’t quite nailed that down yet). All rooted firmly in the work you actually enjoy doing, because truly what is the point otherwise?

Can I coach with you as a newbie?

Probably not? There are plenty of excellent trainings out there, including Copy School (affiliate link) by my friend and very first mentor, Joanna Wiebe. My coaching is for copywriters making at least $5k/mo consistently, who want to get closer to $15k-20k months.

Is this ONLY to help me write funnier? What else will coaching help me with?

Like I said above (Jesus, don’t you read?) the focus of our coaching calls is highly dependent on what YOU want to work on. 

This is not a cookie-cutter coaching package where I shower you in worksheets and templates. This IS a living, breathing practice of showing up for your business in a way that people just can’t seem to do without the magic of accountability (and putting some cash down).

If you want a private, live version of Conversion Comedy as your coaching engagement, that’s what we’ll do. If you want to tap me as your copy reviewer for your own projects and/or your client projects, that’s what we’ll do. If you want to reverse-engineer my business, get inside my head, and wear my face as a mask, that’s what we’ll do. Just lemme call 911 real quick.

Will you give me homework?

Probably. But never more than you can realistically handle. I too live this life of “I have ambitions but I also love Netflix.”

I want to write funny copy, but I'm afraid of offending some people.

As you should be! I’ll share my approaches with you to 1) evaluate if your copy is going to offend people and 2) strategically decide whether that’s worth it or not. You don’t need EVERYONE to love you. (I mean, I do, but my therapist tells me that’s maladaptive.)

Why shouldn’t I just use ChatGPT to write funnier copy?

Look, man, it’s just not that funny (as of 2024, anyway). You can MAKE its drafts funnier, sure. But you need to know what funny IS first.

What will I end up with?

You will end our coaching engagement with more confidence in your own writing, more comedy writing techniques and tools in your brain, and a better understanding of what funny IS and how to use it, and a little Lianna Voice in your brain to help you come up with funny copy and ideas.

What platforms does this take place on? Where does my coaching stuff live?

Calls: Zoom. Recorded for you with Grain. Put in a Google Drive folder for you to access whenever, wherever, Shakira-style.

Ad-hoc support: Slack or Voxer (your choice). Typing, voice recordings, or a fun ‘n’ funky mix of both.

I’m interested, but it’s not the right time.

That’s cool. Stick around and let me know when it is.

What if I put down a deposit and decide I want a refund?

Your $297 deposit holds 1 of 4 available 3-month coaching spots, assuming any are available. After you submit your deposit, you have 14 days to decide if you made a mistake (you didn’t) and email lianna@punchlinecopy.com for a full refund. 14 days after you place your deposit, your deposit is nonrefundable. Because you took someone else's spot, you know?

I have a very special question that’s not listed in this insanely long list.

Email lianna@punchlinecopy.com anytime. I’m here, boo.

Reserve your spot for Q2 2024

3 months of 1-on-1 coaching + support

Only 2 bimonthly spots available (and only 1 weekly spot)


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