Tools and templates you can use without needing access to my fallible flesh sack.

Want me to write for you?


OOO Generator

Generate a funny out-of-office reply that’s unlike anything your contacts have ever seen. But do you have the balls to send it?

Comedypedia - COMING SOON

Yessssss finally a sortable-by-type-of-copy, also-sortable-by-style-of-humor swipe file! ...Anyone? Bueller?

Mastery Deck

A free card deck I made combining Mood, Mindset, and Mantras (who said I had to be funny all the time?)

Capacity Planner - COMING SOON

This custom-built Airtable template will help keep you from overbooking yourself with life OR work. Or at least it'll try.


Mad Libs Welcome Email Templates - Coming Soon

A set of 5 step-by-step, actually fun templates to draft your funny, conversion-focused welcome flow!

The Mom Rubric - Coming Soon

Quick and punchy rules for writing funny without making everyone hate you


Conversion Comedy

A live-action, application-only deep dive into how, why, and where to use humor in your copy

How to Speak Funny

28-min video lesson on bringing more humor into your slides and stage presence

Just a free picture of my cats

Exactly what it says.

Give me your email address, and I will give you a free picture of my cats. (Value: $6,000)


Ecommercefuel Live

Business of Software

AMerican Marketing Association

Baby Bathwater

The Dynamite Circle


Blue Ribbon Mastermind

Smart Traffic live

Influence & COnversion summit

Entrepreneurs' organization colorado


Call to action Conference

Learn inbound

The Copywriter Club IRL


Release notes

Unspam by really good emails

Social media week

your event here? c'mon ...