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“Your welcome emails are hilarious.”

If this is what you want to hear, you need my mad libs-style templates.

You’ll get GoogleDoc templates so you can start writing right away! Ain’t nobody got time for PDFs.

Writing your own welcome emails sucks.

So instead, just fill out a series of 5 step-by-step Mad Libs!

You’ll customize your Mad Libs with info specific to your business AND your personality — so no two flows end up alike.

Punchline Copy Mad Libs Templates

👆 Fill out these fun Mad Libs-style prompts, then plug them into the templates to come up with a working first draft of your fun, conversion-ready welcome series.

Your template set includes 5 emails

Why 5? Because it’s more than 1 and less than 10. Each email starts with a fillable Mad Libs template, which I recommend filling out BEFORE you read the template below it. You know, for maximum fun.

Here’s what each template is designed to do (with a healthy sprinkling of personality and humor throughout):

EMAIL 1: You’ll welcome your subscribers to the list, tell them what they can expect, and get them to reply or segment themselves.

EMAIL 2: You’ll tell a story about a time you were frustrated by a seemingly unsolvable problem. Then relate that story to your reader’s problem, and what they’re hoping to get or learn from you. 

EMAIL 3: You’ll start pushing them toward the next step in their conversion journey. You’ll offer two options: the “I’m ready now” (or “Buy”) option, and the “I need more time/info” (or “I have questions) option.

EMAIL 4: You’ll compare your service or solution to the alternatives/competition. And then you’ll hammer ‘em with social proof.

EMAIL 5: You’ll invite the reader to take the next step, and preview what’s coming next for them in this Email World you’re creating for them.

“Will my emails be picture-perfect and ready to load into my email platform the second I’m done completing the templates?”

ALMOST! But not quite. You’ll probably want to do a little bit of tweaking to make sure your Mad Libs entries fit seamlessly into your email copy. And you might find yourself wanting to edit or add more. That’s great! That’s exactly what these templates are made for!

The key is that you’ll be starting from 85% done instead of starting from 0%. Love that for you. 

“How should I time these emails?”

Depending on how you choose to time your welcome flow, your 5 emails can gently usher new subscribers into your chill, every-so-often emails… OR you can blow new joiners away and build a ton of affinity in the first week. Up to you!

“Can I use these emails for my clients/resell the templates/do generally sleazy things my mom wouldn’t approve of?”

Nah, dawg. You’re buying a single-use license for the Mad Libs Email Templates. That means you can use these templates to write emails for your own brand, business, or personal pleasure (hey, I don’t know your life) — but you MAY NOT use them for your clients or customers, or resell them. Because that would be a real douche move.

Want to talk about agency licensing? Get in touch at lianna@punchlinecopy.com.

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A real (and rad) email born from Mad Libs Template #1

So funny! Great job, Dan

The madwoman behind the libs

Something feels wrong about that headline

Hi! I’m Lianna Patch. I write funny conversion copy for ecommerce and SaaS. I’m also a Copyhackers-certified Conversion Copywriter, a big ol’ nerd about user research and experience, AND a practicing comedian (these days, mostly improv and standup! Used to do sketch).

In Basic Bitch terms, this means I can teach you to write fun, funny copy that actually converts. Or you can just use these templates to do it yourself.

You’ll get GoogleDoc templates so you can start writing right away! Ain’t nobody got time for PDFs.


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