Discover how to write funny copy.

You owe it to yourself, your audience, and your revenue.

Your copy, and indeed your life, will never be the same.

“Honestly I think the course was so solid.”

“Learning the framework behind WHY things are funny was super insightful. I already find myself using some practical strategies on the fly when talking with people […] Understanding how to structure a joke and leveraging incongruity resolution has also been invaluable. I would 10/10 recommend this course!”

— 2022 Conversion Comedy Student

“This course was VERY comprehensive”

I’m a lot more intuitive when I write non-copy humor and a lot more strategic when I write copy. I think this course helped me bring more strategy into the humor aspect of my brain, which in turn makes it feel more intuitive to implement in my copywriting. LIT!”

— 2022 Conversion Comedy Student

“I’m more confident in my approach…”

to be funny and lighten my tone. Humor historically hasn’t been pushed in my company and I was always nervous to flirt with the humor boundary but this course showed me there are ways to implement humor at different levels.”

— 2022 Conversion Comedy Student

When you have fun, your clients and customers have fun.

(And when they have fun, they pay you. Crazy how that works!)

Here's the deal:

Your subscribers, clients, or customers are tired of being sold to in the same snoozeworthy ways marketers have sold things since the dawn of time. They’re tired of the same old spiel.

And they’re in DESPERATE need of a good laugh. I mean, have you been living in the same timeline as the rest of us?

While using humor isn’t *at all* new in the marketing world, it’s mostly been limited to high-powered ad agencies running Super Bowl ads.

The everyday marketer either doesn’t “have permission” to crack a joke, is too scared, or both.

And that’s just not fair. Everyone should be able to tap into their funny side and connect with customers at will.

Because not only does being funny give you a shortcut into the warm, fuzzy, relationship-building parts of your customers’ brains — it actually helps your readers, users, and customers remember you better.

That’s why I built

Conversion Comedy

a 6-week comedy-meets-copywriting course held live on Zoom.

“I only picked a ‘least favorite’ class because the question required an answer and ‘I absolutely loved every class’ wasn’t an option :)”

2022 Conversion Comedy Student

Why does being funny matter so much?

Putting aside the frightening fact that I’ve built my whole business around it

Being able to harness humor isn’t just about writing jokes in your copy. It isn’t just about coming up with fun brand colors or mascots.

It’s about understanding WHAT’s funny, knowing HOW to say it, and choosing WHERE and when to say it.

All in the direct service of building long-lasting, genuine relationships with the people reading your words. (And if they want to give you money because of that relationship? Well, who are you to refuse?)

Being funny makes you money.

So if you’re a founder or marketer who wants to use humor like a psychological weapon to slash customer purse straps — and be adored for it — this course is for you.

Warning: What you learn will probably also get you a lot of dates. And you’ll never watch an improv show the same way again. HA just kidding, no one goes to those. Warning: What you learn will probably also get you a lot of dates. And you’ll never watch an improv show the same way again. HA just kidding, no one goes to those. Warning: What you learn will probably also get you a lot of dates. And you’ll never watch an improv show the same way again. HA just kidding, no one goes to those. Warning: What you learn will probably also get you a lot of dates. And you’ll never watch an improv show the same way again. HA just kidding, no one goes to those. Warning: What you learn will probably also get you a lot of dates. And you’ll never watch an improv show the same way again. HA just kidding, no one goes to those.

Thank you so much. Your work kicks ass, and you’re a pleasure to work with. Now is when you ask for referrals and we gladly recommend you. Business needs more human. You bring human. Thanks for giving SSS more voice!”

Andy Humphrey
Founder, Sprinkler Supply Store

About Conversion Comedy: The Course


This is an application-only, online course that takes place LIVE on Zoom. We’ll meet weekly for 6ish weeks. We may skip a week here and there for major holidays, illnesses, or if the class just wants to like, chill, bro. 


No matter how many weeks the live classes span, you’ll have forever access to all the course materials AND every future update to Conversion Comedy. (Like cabernet and unlike my brother, this course gets better with age.)


You’ll watch the recorded course videos (none longer than 45 minutes, and most around 20 minutes) on your own time, then meet with the class once a week to write, practice, and give feedback in a safe (and super-fun) space.


Miss a live class? No prob. All classes are recorded, transcribed, and available for you to watch whenever you want.


If you show up to most classes and do most of the work, you’ll be rewarded with a silly badge that says you showed up to classes and did the work! 

More importantly: when you complete Conversion Comedy, you’ll have more confidence in your writing — especially your funny writing. You’ll have repeatable processes and techniques for ideating, drafting, and editing your work. And also, you’ll have a new and more fun worldview. For realsies.

In our weekly Zoom writing workshops, plus our recorded lectures

(which you’ll watch on your own time, like a grown-ass adult)

(Which you'll watch on your own time, like a grown-ass adult)

you will...

Learn about the history of humor in marketing

so you can quickly emulate the best and steer clear of the worst

Identify and codify your own (or your brand's) sense of humor

so your brand becomes not just recognizable, but likable

Understand and harness humor’s cognitive, social, and emotional impacts

so you can control your customers like marionettes, except in a fun, less creepy way 

Discovery improv and standup comedy fundamentals

so you can charm + disarm everywhere you go

Grasp and practice linguistic tricks, visual jokes, and structural formulas

so you strike the right balance of comedy to conversion no matter what you’re building 

You’ll see my weird face and look at a lot of cool slides. And every week, we’ll live-write together to help you get funnier, word-by-word.

It’s obvious Lianna practices her craft a lot and deeply understands what is going to work and what isn’t I think that’s partly because of her improv background as well. She does a lot of that. I think she’s done stand up comedy as well, but she really appreciates the value of being able to put yourself in other people’s shoes and understand what is going to be funny to everybody versus being deprecating about your comedy to other people.”

Mike Taber, Bluetick.io + Startups For The Rest of Us

Includes forever access to all future cohorts and resources

Once a Conversion Comedy student, always a Conversion Comedy student.

Not only will you always be able to access your particular cohort’s recordings and resources, you’ll be cordially invited to participate in all future cohorts of the course, till I die or whatever.

You’ll also get access to anything I create for future versions of Conversion Comedy, including templates and research tools.

Stay sharp, keep practicing, and deepen your appreciation for what’s funny and why. Your group of nerds is here for you.

10 recorded lessons.
6 live classes.
4 hot seat copy review sessions.

And a deep, intuitive understanding of what funny is and how to make it work for you.

When you close your laptop on the last class of Conversion Comedy (with a wink and a tear in your eye, hopefully) you’ll have a deeper, more confident understanding of what funny is and how to make it work for you.

You’ll be able to confidently apply your new knowledge to your marketing strategy, copy assets, and world domination schemes.

And, most important of all: you’ll have more fun in your daily life and work.

Pinky Promise

Along with the recorded lessons and live classes, you’ll get…

Access to my Mad Libs Welcome Email Templates

(currently $77) to walk you through drafting a brand-new welcome email sequence that feels authentically-to-you funny

Free forever access to the subscription-only Comedypedia

My enormous and regularly-updated searchable database of funny copywriting examples, brands, and comedians to inspire and unblock your funniest writing.

Bonuses including recorded interviews

with copywriters and entrepreneurs I think are SO funny, and how they approach their work

Hol’ up, lemme make sure I’ve got that right…

Is that … 6 weeks of live classes and accompanying coursework, personal writing feedback and live punchups, actually-useful resources, AND a brand-new email series for less than $1500? Plus forever access to all future course resources and recordings?

Goddamn right it is.

Apply for your spot now, because there are only 15 spots per cohort. And who knows when I’ll get it together to record an evergreen version of this thing.

We’re doin’ it live —

and there’s only room for 15 people.

This is the third round of Conversion Comedy. 

It’s gonna be even better than the first two rounds.

(and everyone who took part in those is invited back)!

This course will be interesting, inspiring, and productive.

I’m laser-focused on giving my students the value they’re looking for. (Because it’s terrifying to think anyone might be disappointed in me.)

Will you get access to me in a private Slack for all your humor copy questions?


Will we live-write together and work through a lot of unfunny, cringey garbage till we get to the good stuff (and understand why it’s good)?


Will it be messy?


Will it be fun?


Love it or your money back.

If you come to class, watch the videos, and still don’t think Conversion Comedy is worth the money, I’ll give your money back.

I don’t want cursed money, shiiiit.

“Lianna is good. Really good. We were redoing a sales page that was pretty old and really needed an overhaul and purchased Lianna’s ‘Uppercut’ where she rewrites the page for you. It is SO MUCH BETTER than it was before. Still a few weeks before we push it live but will try to remember to report back with the impact it had on sign-ups. If you want your copy to be serious or straightforward (read: boring) Lianna probably isn’t the best fit. Otherwise she’s awesome and I highly recommend her.”

Andrew Youderian
Founder, eCommerceFuel

“Gee whiz, do I need this?”

I mean… no. No one needs a copywriting course.

On Maslow’s hierarchy, Conversion Comedy falls somewhere between “Swedish massages” and “one of those shiny silver foot-pedal trash cans.”

AKA: nice to have, and definitely an improvement to daily life, but no one’s gonna die without them.


If you feel the claws of this page pricking at your little rabbit heart, thumping excitedly at the idea that maybe you could have more fun while writing and who knows maybe even write better stuff —

Then maybe you do need this course.

If your copy is weak. Lame. Drab. Full of fluff and filler that needs to be sucker-punched up and out…

Then maybe you do need this course.

Comedy is the best way to lift your copy out of obscurity, and shoot it right into the engorged hearts and wallets of your target market.

Look, if you’re already writing full-time for Saturday Night Live and moonlighting as a copywriter just to keep yourself humble, this course might not be for you.

BUT on the other hand, if…

You find it painful to sit down and write anything.

because it feels less like chatting with a close friend and more like writing a shareholder update…

You can’t remember the last time

you were genuinely excited about emailing your list or hitting Publish on a new sales page…

Your style is as stale as Saltines…

Your copy isn’t converting…

Then you should definitely apply to join Conversion Comedy.

Not convinced funny copy works?

Lemme slap your cheeks with my rock-hard reviews:

“It’s all fantastic!”

“I just got the chance to check everything out and I lol’ed at “*chef’s kiss*”

We have already seen a noticeable improvement in our conversion rate and this all should help even more.You rock. Thanks again.”

Braxton Manley
Co-Founder, Braxley Bands

“Very impressed.”

“We reviewed the referral and confirmation copy and it looks like you nailed it again.”

Shelby Perkins
Co-Founder, Polymath X

There’s a lot more where this came from,

but I’m tired of copying and pasting. If you want something else to click, here’s a case study where my funny copy literally doubled sales on one product.

I’ve been teaching this stuff live for years.

Now it's your turn to learn.

Where I’ve Spoken + Taught

...and dozens more

“I often hesitate to buy courses because I don’t always learn something new. This was a whole different experience and I learned a lot. Not just about how to be funny, but what my style of comedy is, when I’m comfortable being funny or not, and how to make things giggle worthy. Folks don’t have to laugh out loud at my jokes. Snickering is perfectly fine too.”

— 2022 Conversion Comedy Student

“You got me. I’m in.”

”I tried to stop Lianna from putting so much valuable information in this course, or maybe get her to create multiple courses instead. But she wouldn’t listen. Then I tried to get her to price it higher. But she is relentlessly self-defeating and insisted on selling spots in her private beta at a mind-bogglingly low price. I don’t know what else to say, but you should probably buy it.

– Charlie Gilkey
Founder of Productive Flourishing & Business Coach to the Stars, Who Definitely Said This


I'm a dumb bitch. Should I buy this?


What if I buy it and don't like it?

If you attend every class, do the work, and have the balls to say this to my face, I will consider giving your money back.

I'm already funny. Should I take this course?

What’s it like up there on that pedestal, hotshot?

I'm not a copywriter. Should I take this course?

Finally, a good question! This course is mainly geared toward people who write copy — whether they’re copywriters by trade, or simply overworked marketing directors, ecommerce store owners, SaaS founders, you name it. HOWEVER. If you’re the person who writes for your company and your title isn’t “copywriter,” you’ll still learn a lot.

TL;DR if you write to an audience and you’d like a little more confidence to crack jokes, this course will help.

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