Life is too short to write lame copy.

My BFF and business paw-tner

Imagine you’re at a party.

You’re hanging out, chitchatting with friends. There’s that one guy who all the partygoers are avoiding: the guy in the wrinkled khakis and white button-down.

He doesn’t seem to have anything to say, but he keeps sidling up to you and just standing there.

That guy is the personification of 95% of businesses online. Faceless, forgettable, and frankly, fucking annoying. That guy can’t close a deal. That guy can barely hold a conversation. You do not want to be that guy.

That’s where I come in.

I can take your online words and make them work harder to make you ca$h. Or fame. Or love. The only thing I can’t do is bring people back from the dead.

How tongue-flappingly thrilled would you be to know that:

  • Your web copy can grab your visitors right from the headline
  • And promptly sink its little dew-claws right into your prospects’ hearts
  • And gently-but-firmly tug them toward buying or signing up?

Lianna is relentlessly committed to producing the best outcomes for all her projects, whether they are small favors for friends or massively-converting landing pages for major businesses. Her mastery is deep and wide and enriched by a contagious excitement for the discovery and creative processes.

Julia Sevin Design

Julia Sevin
Co-Founder, Tight Ship Design
Julia Sevin
Co-Founder, Tight Ship Design

Julia Sevin Design

Specializing in sass + SaaS

brainLike a lot of copywriters who have been around the block, I’ve written a lot of different types of copy. But this is no “jack of all trades, master of none” situation. I play favorites.

Here are the types of copy I get super-excited to write:

  • Humor copy (of all stripes)
  • Landing + lead-generation pages
  • Website copy
  • Sales pages
  • Email drip campaigns

Why humor copy?

File this one under “shockingly obvious”: Humor makes people LIKE you.

People liking you means they’re engaged. Which means they stay on your site longer. Which gives you a better chance at getting them to buy what you’re selling.

Why conversion copy?

You can tell jokes all day. But if you don’t have a punchline, you’re just wasting everyone’s time and attention.

Copy works the same way. Write as much as you want – but if you don’t have a conversion goal, you’re going nowhere, friendo.

Behold my many fancy badges!

Some are old! Some are new! All of the relevant knowledge (and a lot more) remains stored in my remarkably space-efficient head.

Lianna Patch Certified Conversion Copywriter Lianna Patch Certified Content Marketer
Lianna Patch HubSpot Certified
Lianna Patch Certified Badge Getter

Working on startup messaging can be hard for many reasons but the main two are: there isn’t enough data yet and budget is limited. Despite that, Lianna was able to ask the right questions, research the product, and deliver an effective home page copy and explainer video script. We were super happy with the result – a home page that delivers our message effectively. Highly recommended!

Eran Hammer
Founder & CEO, Sideway Inc.
Eran Hammer
Founder & CEO, Sideway Inc.

Eran Hammer

Some clients I’ve worked with…

manly bands
productive flourishing
baby bathwater
quiet light