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Hi. How many email lists are you subscribed to?

Is it more or fewer than 1 hundred million? Do those emails help you get better at copywriting?

If you would like to be 1 hundred million times better at copywriting without sifting through a bunch of garbage, you should probably sign up for Just the Tips — the humor + copywriting email I send out once a month...ish.

I’ll send you writing tips, examples, fun facts, and recommended reading to help you sharpen your skills.

I’ll also crack some jokes, because if you don’t like jokes, what are you, a monster?

Emails I’ve sent recently include:

  • How to use "goal state" and "play state" to build better customer relationships
  • Etymology facts — Did you know the word "boycott" comes from actual human person, Captain Charles Boycott?
  • "Dad Libs" — a customizable Father's Day poem for all the Dads in your life

Okay, good talk. You should join the list now.

See you inside my next email!

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