Education, meet entertainment.

I’ve got sage advice, stage presence, and the speaker scores to prove it.

“FYI, someone came up to me today and said that your event was the best one they have ever attended at EO. Just sayin.”

Liora Dudar, Programming Chair
Entrepreneurs’ Organization Colorado

No more falling asleep during the afternoon session.

I started speaking the same way I started doing standup:

Watching other people do it, and thinking,
“You know what? I could do better.

And while I know that makes me sound like an enormous dickhead, it’s made me pretty good at understanding what audiences want to learn, what they need to hear, and how to give it to them (all night event long).

Yes, it’s a form, but it doesn’t take very long

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In case you're as bad at math as I am, that's 11 "excellents" and 5 "very goods" from my session attendees

Topics I teach + talk about

Punchline_BarChart copy

How to Write High-Converting Copy


How, Why, and Where to Be Funny In Your Marketing

Topics I talk about but which you’d probably prefer I avoid:

Human Rights

Modern Buddhism

My Many Cats

4 ways to get me to talk

The 5th way is bamboo shoots under my fingernails


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Add a 15-20 minute comedy break between sessions


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“Yeah, Lianna was engaging and well-prepared and knows her shit, but isn’t that kinda table stakes?

Beyond the entertainment factor and the warm feeling of “investing in learning as a team,” she gave us easy frameworks to practice and lots of examples using our own existing copy and ads. Honest, practical stuff we can use. Exactly zero members of my team are going to be pursuing a new career in comedy, but now every single one of them has the confidence that they can sound like a human while still representing our brand.”

Andy Fossett

Just some of the faces I'll make onstage

Photographic proof I'm not a liar!

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