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5 emails. 5 days. 5 ideas to make you funnier. All for $5.

“Lianna is good.
Really good.

We were redoing a sales page that was pretty old and really needed an overhaul, and purchased Lianna’s ‘Uppercut’ where she rewrites the page for you. It is SO MUCH BETTER than it was before. If you want your copy to be serious or straightforward (read: boring) Lianna probably isn’t the best fit. Otherwise she’s awesome and I highly recommend her.”

Andrew Youderian
Founder, Ecommerceful

5 emails to grow your comedy brain

Want a 5-day email series delivered straight to your face that’ll get you excited about writing funny, give you new ways of coming up with copy, and tease you with tasty tips and tricks?

Good. Because I wrote it, so it’d be sick if you bought it. (Also, it’s only $5. You can’t even get a plain fucking coffee for $5 anymore.)

EMAIL 1: The most important thing you can do to be funnier

EMAIL 2: How to start building your comedy brain

EMAIL 3: 5 styles of humor (what’s your blend?)

EMAIL 4: My favorite improv principle

EMAIL 5: The simplest formula in the world

You’ll get your first email right after you sign up. I wouldn’t make you wait, boo.

i love getting your emails. it's like sprinkles for my inbox

Wait, who am I?

(i ask myself this every day)

Hi! I’m Lianna Patch. I write funny conversion copy for ecommerce and SaaS. I’m also a Copyhackers-certified Conversion Copywriter, a big ol’ nerd about user research and experience, AND a practicing comedian (these days, mostly improv and standup! Used to do sketch).

In Basic Bitch terms, this means I can teach you to write fun, funny copy that actually converts. Consider Funnier in 5 your almost-free taste of the good stuff.


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