How to Speak Funny by Punchline Copy

Wanna have more fun on stage?

This 27-Minute Workshop Will Help You Give Funnier (AKA Better) Talks!

What you’re getting

Downloadable MP4 recording of my 27-minute video training, which covers…

  • How to set yourself up for success on stage — before you even go out there
  • What to joke about (including the 2 failsafe humor styles!)
  • 3 sneaky ways to come up with event-specific jokes
  • When to incorporate jokes so to get a hearty laugh

Bonus: I’ll also send you my best tips and practices for using visual jokes on slides!

Bonus: You’ll also get my printable Pre-Talk Checklist, with everything I do to feel confident + prepared before stepping on stage.

If you’re ready to give funnier, more memorable talks, this workshop is for you!


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Wait, who am I?

(i ask myself this every day)

Hi! I’m Lianna Patch. I write funny conversion copy for ecommerce and SaaS.

I ALSO speak onstage regularly — from leading interactive, all-day team workshops to giving bigass keynotes to emceeing multi-day events.

I’ve spent more time on stage than any one person deserves to, and I’ve learned a few things. Wanna hear ’em?


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