Punchline Copy - The Knockout Website Copy Audit

Actionable feedback, fast.

the knockout audit is a recorded, conversion-focused audit of Four (4) pages of your website or five (5) emails in your flow

(Want a one-page taste? Grab a Jab)

Businesses that worked with me + liked it:

Businesses that worked with me + didn’t like it:

Get fresh recs on...

everything that affects conversions, including:

Copy (duh)

Stumped on reasons why your copy isn’t converting? In our recorded audit, I’ll talk through ideas to:

  • Better focus the copy around the reader’s pains or problems
  • Add more important, right-fit messaging into the page at crucial points
  • Improve the stickiness and urgency of headlines and CTAs
  • Cut, tighten, and clarify
  • Format for better readability
  • And a lot of other things!


If Copy is Baby, Design is Johnny Castle (AKA Patrick Swayze). Ain’t no one getting that final conversion lift without Design’s sculpted arms raising Copy into the air so she can soar.

… OK, so I’ve never seen Dirty Dancing. What I have seen? Hundreds — maybe even thousands — of websites with decent copy that’s getting absolutely stomped on or overshadowed by poor design.

User experience

You know how sometimes, a really important button will just disappear from your website and you don’t know until someone tells you years later? Just me?

Button Houdinis aside, UX is about guiding users toward desired actions and removing obstacles in their way — while making sure they’re enjoying themselves. UX is the mortal enemy of unnecessary steps, weird form formatting, unclear error messages, and broken shiz.


I just watched, and I am already super grateful to have your eyes on this. Brilliant! ; )

Olivia Martinez

Licensed to kill

(On stage and in your page analytics)

Why am I qualified to give feedback on your website and emails? I’m a Copy Hackers-certified Conversion Copywriter, a conversion optimization nerd, AND a practicing comedian.

In Basic Bitch terms, this means I can write fun, funny copy that actually converts.

Because if it doesn’t convert, what are we both doing here?

Lemme lovingly rip your site a new one

i'll be gentle, i promise


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