Wanna see my body?

Body of work, I mean. Jesus. Get your head out of the gutter.

Things I Made

This quiz will help you distill your sense of humor (or your brand’s sense of humor) through — what else — memes, jokes, movies, and comedians!


Things I Wrote

For the Love of God, Please Read This Post (Or, On Content Fatigue) – Copy Hackers

What The Matrix Can Teach You About Evoking Emotion in Your Ecommerce Copy – Objeqt

Copywriters, Find Your Niche: Specializing vs. Generalizing – Copy Hackers

The Rise of Sustainable Ecommerce: What It Is, Why It Matters & How You Can Do It – Conversio

Knock Knock, It’s ROI – Autopilot

The Complete Guide to Writing Product Copy That Sells Itself – BigCommerce

12 Examples of Retention Emails Built to Convert – GetUplift

How to Write High-Converting (And *Gasp* FUN) Copy for Your Ecommerce Checkout Flow – Objeqt

Things Other People Wrote About Me

(or featured me in, OK, Mom?)

“Say yes to things that scare you” – Female Disruptors

How to Write Higher-Converting Copy from Page Layout to Punctuation – Forget the Funnel

100 Amazing Women Marketers to Follow on Twitter – Search Engine Journal

On Humor in Copy, Improv Comedy, and Mad Men – Wordable

How to Optimize for a Lasting Positive Memory – ConversionXL

Convert Every Time with Strong, Creative Lead Forms: 4 Great Examples – SnapApp

Branding Your Way Out of the Bush League: How to Attract Clients Who’ll Never Think of You as “Yet Another Copywriter” – Copy Hackers

ConversionXL Live 2016 Wrap-Up (feat. my sketchnotes!)

What’s the Best Way to Find a Killer Value Proposition? – Convert.com

How to Improve Customer Experience – HotJar

Podcasts I Was On

Some of my favorite chats with my favorite people:

Onboarding Latest Trends – ActiveCampaign

How Lianna Patch Successfully Fuses Copy + Humor to Sell More Products – Copy Weekly

Developing a Strong Brand Through Humor – Brainspace Optimized

Comedy in Copy – The Copywriter Club

Why Using Humor in Your Copy Can Help You Convert Like Crazy – Chili Piper

The Copy Comic on Using Humor To Write Copy That Converts – Nadimo

Be Clear on Who You Target – Freelance Transformation

Making an Impact by Injecting Humor Into Your Copy – Jason Resnick

Conversion Copywriting with Humor – Jeff Large

Using Humor in Copywriting – Productize Podcast

How to Craft Your Homepage – Startups For the Rest of Us

How I got where I am, and where I wanna go next –  Live In the Feast with Jason Resnick

How to Sell More Using Humor with Lianna Patch – Ecommerce Evolution

How to Use Humor to Increase Conversions – Quiet Light Brokerage

See My Actual Face

5 Ways to Be Funnier in Your Copy [VIDEO]

Conversion Copywriting 101 – Copy Hackers

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