FASHION FRIDAY: Pretty as a Picture

I’ve been doing a lot of writing about photography lately. With that in mind, here’s an Etsy fashion roundup based loosely around cameras and film. Don’t overthink it. I sure didn’t.

(What’s that? You want me to model for you? Well, if you insist.*)

Fashion Friday #fashionfriday

I can already hear my dad snorting.

Want to pretend you are, like, so artsy and knowledgeable? Frame your iPhone photos in this vintage camera-styled case from seller CRAFIC. You still won’t know what an aperture is, but you might feel like less of a fraud.

Now you see me, now you are a SPY BEHIND ENEMY LINES.

If you’d rather go the purely decorative route, grab this lens pendant from seller LePetitPanda. Photography nerds will run up to you, asking if it was made from a genuine Halina Acromat camera. Simply nod and allow them to buy your coffee.

I think that black thing is some kind of kitchen appliance.

Store all of your bits and bobbles–um, I mean extra lenses–in this canvas camera case-meets-killer-bag from seller RockCowStudio. The seller helpfully supplies the bag’s dimension so you can make sure that your DSLR (Diverse Supply of Lipsticks and Rouges) fits inside.

This is what we think of the past.

Star in your own film with a pair of creative earrings from seller tomatedepingles, who will surely find widespread success with his or her totally comprehensible shop name. Made from vintage negatives, these earrings prove that film is truly dead.

Will you buy any of these items? Specifically, will you buy them and send them to me? Let me know in the comments, or drop me a line at lianna@theenglishmaven.com.


* Please note that I take payment only in scones.