Jaw-droppingly effective copy,
optimized for conversion + served with sass

Heads up: I usually book up 6-8 weeks in advance. Claim your spot now or forever hold your peace!

Punchline Copy - The Knockout Website Copy AuditThe Knockout (Heuristic Website Audit) – $697

The Knockout Audit is your way to get actionable feedback on up to 4 pages of your existing website — from design to UX to copy. Here’s how it works:

I go through your site while recording my voice and screen. I talk through heuristic issues I see and suggest potential conversion-boosting changes, including copy changes.

If you want actionable feedback FAST, this is the service for you.

Punchline Copy - The Uppercut (Landing Page Copy Punchup)The Uppercut (Landing Page Punchup) – $2497

You don’t want your landing page to sound like everyone else’s. That’s bad for conversion… and for your pride.

Landing pages that are built to convert + written for real people (who laugh, cry, yell, and fart) deliver better results–meaning more money in your pockets!

Your Uppercut includes a detailed review and GoogleDoc rewrite of your existing landing page copy. 

Using information you provide about your page goals, brand, and audience, I’ll strengthen the page’s headlines, body copy, and calls to action. I’ll also spice it up with just the right amount of humor.

Your new, ready-to-implement copy will include explanations of structure, messaging, and tone so you know exactly how it will work on your readers.

You can even… Buy My Day!

If you’ve got a list of copy to-dos weighing down your soul, and you wanna make some REAL progress on those goals… let’s go all 12 rounds in the ring.

Get me all to yourself for one hardcore, head-down day of writing and strategizing.

I designed this option for busy founders and marketing directors who are ready to take their wishlist copy projects off the back burner. Pro tip: If you’re eyeing up multiple services, a Buy My Day is your best bet.

Your BMD starts with a quick, focused call to lay out goals for the day. Then you go off and sip a mojito while I jam on your projects. At the end of the day, we’ll hop back on Zoom to review and live-edit together!

Lianna delivered a fantastic job, and did everything she could to guarantee the success of our product launch. Not only does she have a brilliant copy style, but she also spent a lot of time understanding my market and customers, surveying them and analyzing their needs,
to deliver the perfect message. She’s highly professional, responsive… and she delivers on time! Highly recommended.

Vincent Le Moign

Vincent Le Moign
EGO Icons
Vincent Le Moign
EGO Icons

Vincent Le Moign

Who’s the right fit?


Punchline Conversion Copy works with businesses interested in finding a voice that doesn’t put your audience to sleep (unless you’re selling euthanasia).

Punchline specializes in bringing comedy AND conversions to your:

  • Landing pages
  • Sales and product pages
  • Email flows

I especially love working with ecommerce and SaaS businesses, because y’all know how to party. Funnel-ly speaking, I get results close to the money (think revenue and retention).

Got a small project on a tight timeline?

Let my copy agency, SNAP Copy, handle it. At SNAP, we do your copy projects fast and SNAPpy (get it?).

Here are some on-demand things we can get done for you ASAP at SNAP:

  • Teeny, tiny projects – “The 48-hour Tall”: headline options, Facebook ad copy, optimize a short email or a short production description, etc.
  • Medium projects – “The 72-hour Grande”: optimize long newsletters, suggest edits to your sales page, optimize 1 email in your drip campaign, etc.
  • Large projects – “The 4-day Venti”: optimize a landing page, write a sales email, write a lead-gen page, optimize a Kickstarter pitch, etc.

No fuss, no muss… and no more putting those odd copy jobs on the back burner.

If you need it done, like, yesterday, head on over to SNAP and grab your Copy Credits.

To launch a new, direct-to-consumer digital brand, it was critical for us to develop a genuinely unique brand voice and tone that instantly connects with our customers online. Working with Lianna on creating the new brand was a fantastic experience. She’s not simply an experienced digital copywriter, but a true brand advocate who knows what it takes to develop copy that engages a prospect and converts them into a customer. She successfully combines creative flair with a strong marketing acumen and data-driven analysis that frankly is quite rare among the copywriting consultants I’ve worked with.

I would recommend Lianna highly to any organization that needs to develop digital copy to launch a new product, increase customer conversion, and generate incremental revenue.

Oleg Boychenko

Oleg Boychenko
Director of E-Commerce, Wedgewood Pet Shoppe
Oleg Boychenko
Director of E-Commerce, Wedgewood Pet Shoppe

Oleg Boychenko