FASHION FRIDAY: Miniature Masterpieces

Fashion Friday #fashionfriday

When was the last time you put needle to tiny palette and created a Scrabble tile-sized painting? Exactly. Today on Fashion Friday, we pay homage to the little things–the really little things.

Your neck-st vacation.
Your neck-st vacation.

Little like this necklace from seller ARTDORA, painted with acrylic on a 1.2″ wooden disc. It’s like a tiny meadowlands escape around your neck. An itty bitty $40 getaway!*

*Imagination not included.

“Trash? No, this is art.”

If acrylic isn’t your medium of choice, try these elegant lariat earrings from seller EmilyJeffords. Jeffords makes a miniscule ink painting, then mounts it on a brass pendant and wraps it with silver wire, effectively turning your ears into portable art museums. Make sure to clean behind them in the shower before you put these on, because people will be up close and personal all day.

Go Ask Alice meets Alice in Wonderland.
Go Ask Alice meets Alice in Wonderland.

Just kidding–I know elegance isn’t your thing, you filthy animal. Me neither! That’s why I really like this weird ring from seller rins. It’s a reproduction of his tiny painting “Cigarette Break,” which inexplicably features a girl in a bunny hat giving you serious side-eye. Plus she has a rolling horse toy. I love her.

What's that? I can't ear you.
What’s that? I can’t ear you.

To cap things off on an even stranger note, I offer you this portrait pendant from seller ChronoMachina. You may recognize its occupant as the inimitable Vincent van Gogh, who here displays his good side. As in, the side that still has an ear.

Bet you didn’t expect to go there!