Fashion Friday #fashionfriday

Oh my god, did I just take a trip down Memory Lane. If you grew up with a Game Boy—-if you played Scrabble or Monopoly—-or if you’re still sneaking off to level up your character on World of Warcraft, this post is for you.

May I present: the cream of the crop of game-related accessories on Etsy.

Monopolize the conversation.

Let’s start things off small with these cufflinks from seller LettersByLilly. Assuming you’re fancy enough to wear cufflinks, you probably own a house, so why not passively brag about it? In any case, they’re classier than this vintage Monopoly fascinator. Such a good idea in theory! Such a travesty in practice.

Ring ring! It’s your childhood.

Look at this insanely bright HTC case from seller elevenbuttons! I remember when the Game Boy Color came out. For my tenth birthday, I had to choose between a Color, with no game to play on it, or the regular black-and-white Game Boy Pocket plus one game. I got the Pocket and Pokemon Yellow, and spent hundreds of hours chasing pixelated Pikachu through the Viridian Forest. I have no regrets.

For tile-o-philes.

I’ve always been a Scrabble fanatic. Lately, my ego has taken a beating from multiple consecutive losses to my coffee-shop Scrabble nemesis, Tom. But I can rock this personalize-able clutch from seller liltinpurse, and he’d just look dumb with it. So there.

It’s called #winning for a reason.

Admittedly, I chose these hammered cuff bracelets from seller Serenitystorms because of the one that says “YOU JUST GOT PWNED.” To “pwn” or “own” someone made its way into my permanent vocabulary a few years ago, thanks to a particularly Warcraft-obsessed boyfriend. Got rid of him; kept the phrase around.

So, what was your favorite game to play as a kid?