Fashion Friday #fashionfriday

Today’s Fashion Friday is inspired by one of my summer campers, who has an amazing cat T-shirt that I covet. Luckily, I haven’t stooped so low as to steal from a twelve-year-old…yet.

Meow you won't die alone!
The only acceptable type of cat-call.

In the meantime, I’m comforting myself with cat-tastic Etsy accessories, like this iPhone case from recently featured seller JuliaWine. Its little ears would be the perfect accompaniment to any spinster’s multiple-cat lifestyle. Meow you might not die alone!

Punch someone and start a catfight!

Maybe it’s just because I’m missing my cat while I’m away, but I also dig this simple ring from seller oohfancydesigns. He or she (I’m guessing she) has thoughtfully designed it as a stacking ring, so you can get one for each cat you own. If rings extend past your knuckle, seek help.

It’s a Morticia Addams kind of day.

Not really sure if I would wear these sweater pins/brooches/collar ornaments from seller Mintloftcom, or if I would wear them on absolutely everything I own. The line between fashion plate and freakshow is getting a little…fuzzy.

Sink your teeth into some kitty couture.

Can we say: best shirt in the world? This tank from seller 24hrstshirt might even be better than that camper’s shirt. I’ll confess that I put it in my shopping cart already, just beclaws I deserve it.

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