Fashion Friday #fashionfriday

You know those ladies. The ones who stroll into the yoga studio clad in head-to-toe designer workout clothes. The kind of yoga clothes you promise yourself once you actually go to class more than once a year. This is for you, ladies.

It’s also for me, because I’ve managed to get myself to bikram yoga eight days in a row and my pants are starting to fit again! Hallelujah! There is a god.

yoga top
The “I-Have-to-Pee” pose.

Instructions: 1. Figure out how your top half fits into this thing by seller ShenCreations. 2. Do yoga. 3. Become a mermaid. 4. Bust through your tail and grow some legs, Ariel-style. 5. Do more yoga. Congratulations, you’re a star(fish)!

You can also opt to not breathe. This is America.

Rather know right away where your arms are supposed to go? Grab this simple tank from seller YogaStrong. It’s cliche, but breathing really is the most important thing you can do–in yoga, and in general. Go on, take a deep breath. Unless you’re in a room full of poison gas, in which case I feel bad for you.

Well hello there. Oh, this picture is advertising shorts? Whoops.

I dig these short shorts from seller Silouetmode, but having just purchased myself a similar pair, I can attest to the fact that you will be exposing your goodies in certain poses. It’s okay, teachers have seen it all before, right?

Look like a washed-up ballerina!

If you just want to look like you live the “yoga lifestyle,” which I put in quotes because I can’t say it without snorting, grab this relaxed sweatshirt from seller nicandthenewfie. Obviously, it has a fox on it, because I love foxes. This sweatshirt is in my cart right now, and I haven’t even paid my rent.

Do you do yoga? Tell me in the comments!